Welcome to MicDropp

Welcome to MicDropp. We are officially live. 

MicDropp is the easiest way to record and receive quality audio. So, if you need someone to record something for an event, want your team to capture meetings and send them back to the office or record interviews or podcasts - MicDropp is your perfect partner.

Simplicity is the key and you will be up and running within seconds.

Once you’ve connected your Dropbox you create a session and select the perfect settings for your project.

Choose the quality, low (.m4a) or high (broadcast quality .wav), set the recording length and even give your studio an expiry time.

Add a script prompter if you need to and assign automatic settings for download and upload.

It’s that simple.

You can then invite as many people as you want and sit back and wait for the recordings to arrive.

It’s super simple for your contributors too, they can record via Chrome browser or our free iOS/Android apps - using the same link or studio code.

Our plans are simple to understand too.

Free forever allows you to record up to 30 seconds, upload to Dropbox and download to your device. Plus you get app studio access!

Professional allows you to connect your Dropbox, use the script prompter, record up to 60 minutes in a session, gain unlimited app access for your contributors and have 1 concurrent admin user.

Professional Plus gives you all that plus longer recordings and the option to put your logo on the studio apps.

Sign up to MicDropp and start recording audio at scale by visiting micdropp.com/join

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