3 Audience feedback tools for conferences, seminars and live events

2020 has made us realise how much we miss in-person conferences, seminars, awards ceremonies and music gatherings. Hopefully in 2021 the world will see a revival in this sector, once the vaccine has been rolled out, and we can all get back to normal. Travelling and interacting at thought provoking  and fun events all over the globe.

Any seminar or conference worth their salt, turn to their audience for views and opinions related to the content they deliver. It creates important debate which turns into sharable content used to ingest into your live schedule or for marketing online.

In this article we look at 3 great ideas and related technologies that help put the focus on your audience and provide an effective way for their views be heard/seen.

Social Media Walls

Social media is the perfect medium to get your audience talking and sharing their thoughts. It’s incredibly good for marketing too, as it reaches worldwide audiences through networks of followers. 

Creating a bespoke hashtag that accompanies your event gives you the ability to track and display comments, photos and videos on screens across your venue. Tapping into Twitter and Instagram is favoured as they both have a long history of being the favoured platforms for engagement and interaction in physical places.

CrowdScreen is a fantastic tool to use at your next live event and provides you with the perfect platform to display your audience’s interactions. This software comes with the backing of a team with experience of supplying their service and expertise to hundreds of Award Ceremonies, worldwide Formula 1 Paddock Clubs as well as the biggest conferences and exhibitions.

CrowdScreen’s cloud platform allows you to pull in engagement from hashtags, gives you the ability to create multiple content mixes and walls and you can even brand the display the same way as your event. Even placing full screen sponsor logos and slides. 

If you want to skip public social media streams all together and just create a private message wall, it can do that too.

All comments are moderated by the simple web app and everything is done without downloading any software!

Crowdscreen’s service starts at £250/$350 and you can find out more here.
Crowdscreen social media displays

Audience Survey Apps

If you’re delivering a conference where the presenters and panels would like to get an instant response from the audience, live polling is a great solution.

Sli.do is one of the industry standards for this task and can be easily integrated. With Sli.do you can set up a selection of polls and open them up to the audience at the press of a button. The audience can take part by navigating to a webpage on their mobile browser, putting in a session code and tapping their answer.

The event organiser can then integrate a live display using a web browser interface and showcase this on stage. When your audience votes, the chart will instantly respond and display the live result.

Find out more about Sli.do here.

CrowdScreen also offers an instant polling and Q&A solution - you can find out about their service here.
Audience surveys and live polling

Recording Audio & Video Comments for Q&A

At your conference or seminar you should always encourage questions from your audience. But be warned, throwing out a microphone and asking people to put their hands up is often a little too much. A lot of audience members feel exposed and embarrassed talking in public and would rather submit their comment anonymously.

So, swap a real microphone for MicDropp.

Using MicDropp you can create sessions for every breakout room, presentation or presenter (the only limit is your storage) and easily send out links or codes for each. In breaks or during the presentation, audience members can open the MicDropp app, record and upload their comment in seconds and in great quality.

As MicDropp is connected to Dropbox, it syncs with all devices connected to the DropBox app. 

*Maybe you have a production team that will be vetting the comments and playing them out from the stage, as well as another team producing a highlights video/podcast - who are based off site? MicDropp can deliver this content to all who need it at the same time.

You can sign up and start trialling MicDropp for free, all you need is an email address. 

Click here to sign up for free now.

*If you love this, but would like to record video too - then try out our sister app Camflare.io
micdropp recording q&a for events

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