Guide to MicDropp

Our guide to getting the most out of MicDropp

Audience reaction and feedback tools for conferences and events

3 Audience feedback tools for conferences, seminars and live events

3 Audience feedback tools for conferences, seminars and live events - surveys, social media displays and audio recording for Q&A.

Lady making a voip call and recording with MicDropp

How to record VOIP for podcasts and interviews

How to record VOIP calls in broadcast quality for podcasts and interviews with MicDropp's local audio recorder, connected to Dropbox. Easy, flexible and scalable. No downloads.

Lady recording audio with her smartphone

Give your audience a voice

Give you audience the ability to record audio and send it to you, for feedback in podcasts, government briefings, community communications and much more.

Record better quality audio on your smartphone

Record better quality audio on your smartphone

Top tips and recommendations to help you record better quality audio on your smart device and tablet for Podcasts, Interviews, Meetings and more.

Podcast recording with MicDropp

Podcast Audio Recorder App

Record audio podcasts with MicDropp. Broadcast quality and connects to Dropbox. iOS and Android apps. Simple to use. Sign up from FREE at

university recording lectures and seminars app

Recording University Lectures & Seminars

Audio recording app for capturing university lectures and seminars. Connect and send back great quality audio to Dropbox. Simple to use on Chrome, iOS and Android.

Meetings Recording App

Record Client Meetings with MicDropp

Need to keep track of your team's meetings? It's important to make sure you get every detail. With MicDropp you can record and send back to your Dropbox, instantly.

Micdropp Audio Recording App with Script Prompter

Welcome to MicDropp

MicDropp is the ultimate way to record and receive broadcast quality audio via browser and our iOS/Android apps. Create a script prompter to make sure you are getting the content you need.