Give your audience a voice

Interacting and engaging with your audience is one of the keys to success. 

Giving your audience a voice by recording content for your broadcast is important, but has been somewhat difficult and confusing to accomplish - until now.

As well as traditional broadcast mediums, more presenters and influencers are now streaming recorded and live content to platforms like twitch, youtube, instagram, snapchat, facebook and twitter

Subject matters are diverse, as are the languages they are broadcast in and the production values display. These broadcasts have grown in popularity during the worldwide pandemic lockdown, with productions being shifted from studios to home set ups. This also means that a live studio audience is out of the question, wherever you’re located in the world.

Audience feedback in broadcast is no more visible than in the Coronavirus briefings conducted on a daily basis by governments, including questions and reaction from members of the public and journalists. On most occasions the quality is low and they are relying on a disparate system, where they receive files on various platforms. No organisation and from the contributor’s point of view, confusing.

MicDropp can help take the stress out of gathering audio feedback, both for you and your audience.

By creating an account and connecting it to Dropbox, you can generate a link/code which can be sent to an entire nation (yes you read that right, millions!) to record their views and thoughts. All files can be recorded on our mobile app for iOS or Android, or via Chrome on a laptop. Even at low quality, it’s great and certainly better than you seeing at present. You can even set it to auto upload, giving your audience one less step to think of in the process.

Taking the example of traditional media (broadcast television) Coronavirus briefings, with MicDropp you have the ability to create a different link for every briefing - meaning that all new content is delivered into a new corresponding Dropbox folder for the day while the last link expires.

This also works great for podcasts and online tv shows where you set a question at the end of the broadcast, ready to be answered/played on the next episode. You can deploy MicDropp like a voicemail - but instead of a long number to remember, it’s just the click of a link or a short code to input - easily embedded into a webpage/app

If you are looking for a way to connect with your audience and record content remotely, then give MicDropp a try for free and see how well it works! You can sign up for an account here.

If you need more than audio alone and are searching for a video capture tool, then check out our sister app The same ease of use for you and your audience, with added video capability.

*If you are an influencer/broadcaster/government and want to try out a full version of MicDropp or Camflare - please contact our team directly at - and submit a request for a call back. State your purpose and size of market and we’ll schedule a remote video meeting.

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