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What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a produced piece of audio which is delivered online, typically subscribed to by a user via an RSS feed. 

An RSS feed stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a framework which includes tags, location data, description text and images to feed into directories like Apple Podcasts/iTunes, Spotify, Podbean, Acast and many more. This allows for global reach and discovery.

The most popular type of podcasts include interviews, conversations and learning and are normally hosted by 1 or 2 people. When citing great podcast examples none come more highly regarded than The Joe Rogan Experience, a podcast with millions of listeners which was snapped up by Spotify for a reported $100m (£82m).

There is no doubting that podcasts are huge and they are growing rapidly in popularity day by day. Statistics released in 2020 show that over 75% of the US population alone understand what a podcast is and have listened to at least 1 episode. But the staggering fact is that there are now over 34 million episodes currently sitting online - in multiple languages. English, Spanish & French being the most listen to. 

The podcast global market is now considered to be worth over $1.1 billion USD, with podcasts being created by everyone from hobbyists to Hollywood royalty.

How has the pandemic changed podcasting?

As expected, Covid-19 encouraged even more podcast listening as listeners used their favourite episodes to keep them entertained when working from home.

Podcast producers produced more episodes too, as creating a professional piece of audio can now be made on a smart mobile device or even a lower end laptop - so the need for flashy recording studios is a thing of the past.

But Covid-19 did though up some challenges which needed to be addressed. None bigger than how to connect with a podcast guest or host when in lockdown? And more importantly, how to get great quality?

This is one of the reasons our team created MicDropp.com

Recording an Audio Podcast with MicDropp

MicDropp is an online audio recorder which uniquely allows guests and contributors to capture via Chrome on laptops, iOS and Android devices and send directly to a designated Dropbox.  

It evens comes with a script prompter great for getting promo reads from remote presenters.

Let’s explore scenarios MicDropp is perfect for...


If you recording your podcast with a guest and you’re both in the same room, then you can simply use our MicDropp mobile app. Place it in the centre of table, hit the big red button and start chatting when the red button pulses. When you hit stop it will automatically save to your device and send to MicDropp & Dropbox, ready for downloading and editing when you get back to the studio. Or the Dropbox could be a third party production company - so they will have the recording as soon as you’ve finished.


If you hosting a podcast with many guests around the world then MicDropp really comes into it’s own. Let’s say the host is in New York and the guests are in London, Madrid and Paris - and the production company making your podcast is the MicDropp account owner.

Firstly, get connected and set up a MicDropp session. 

Use a free VOIP service like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Streamyard (use this link for $10 off a Streamyard account) - set up a meeting and get everyone on the call. You could even do this on a telephone call if that’s better? 

Make sure everyone is wearing headphones and has opened the MicDropp recording session link on either their mobile or laptop. (Run a quick test to make sure everyone is recording correctly and send back the audio)

All participants then hit the record button and when the red button is pulsing - start your podcast. 

When the podcast is finished, press stop and all isolated recordings will be sent to the designated Dropbox. In this case it’s owned by the production company.

From here the producer can then download the audio in broadcast ready .wav format, ready for editing. (As you have the individual isolated records, it means they can mute a guest if they talk over someone else.)

Unlimited Guests

MicDropp is an incredibly flexible audio recording tool with the only limit being your Dropbox Storage. If you have this is place then the apps and platform can work with as many contributors as you need. You could even send a link to your audience and get them to record content for your podcast?

File size guide (approx):

M4A (Low Quality) - 1 minute = 1.2mb / 1 hour = 72mb

.WAV (High Quality) - 1 minute = 10mb / 1 hour = 600mb

Instant access

To start using MicDropp to record content for your next podcast, just sign up here with your email address and pick your level - Free, Professional or Professional Plus. 

You’ll be up and running instantly and can start sending links to contributors anywhere in the world. Our apps are available in the Apple App Store and Google Play

With paid plans you can adjust the expiration date of a sessions, quality, length of recording and even add your logo to the recording app - so your guests know it’s you.

So, what are you waiting for? Here’s to you creating the world’s next big podcast smash and doing it with MicDropp - the easiest audio podcast recorder platform online.

Need more than just audio? Try our sister video recording app Camflare.io, it’s just as simple as MicDropp!

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