Record Client Meetings with MicDropp

If you run a company where your team talks to clients about potential new projects, MicDropp is an essential application to make sure you don't miss a detail.

Sure, MicDropp can be used for many things - but client meetings and brainstorming are two of the best.

In 2020 companies have relied on virtual work from home scenarios more than ever, but it's inevitable that our routine of meeting in-person will return.  Virtual or Physical though,  it doesn't matter to MicDropp.

Let's demonstrate the process and application of how MicDropp can help you and your entire business.

  • Your company creates a MicDropp account and attaches the company Dropbox (if you don't have one, it's easy to set up a free 2gb account)
  • Once you've done this MicDropp creates a new folder where all your meeting recordings will now be saved
  • Create a session and name it (i.e. Nike Xmas Project)
  • Adjust the quality to 'Low'
  • Tweak your settings, making sure you set 'Prompt For Name' and 'Auto Upload'
  • Save, return to dashboard and copy the invite url

Once you've completed the steps above, send the url to the person who is having the meeting. 

That person can now click the link and open the recording session in the MicDropp iOS or Android App. It will take them straight into the session where they are presented with a large record record button. (On first load the app will ask for permission for the microphone, once clicked you'll never need to do that again.)

When you're ready to have the meeting, get permission from your clients and place your mobile in the middle of the table. When you are ready, just hit the recording button and wait for the pulse. It's now recording.

If you have followed the above instructions and set the session to 'Auto Upload' & 'Prompt For Name', when you press stop it will ask you for that name. When you've done that it will start sending back to MicDropp and your Dropbox - instantly!

Before you've even left the table your meeting is ready for the team back at base (or anywhere in world) to listen to and start taking notes. You can even share the file with people outside of your MicDropp account too - you'll find that under the share tab.

As you can see, MicDropp is seconds to set up and a truly game changing workflow for meetings dictation. Having the ability to listen and fast forward/rewind through the audio is fantastic.

Having the meeting recording in full and in great quality means it's less likely you will miss important points and you can save the files to reference back to at a later date. It's perfect!

As MicDropp is uniquely scalable, it means that as long as you have the Dropbox storage in place, you can have hundreds of people using MicDropp at the same time with multiple meetings being sent back to the office at once.

If you own a company which could benefit from a meetings recording solution like MicDropp then sign up today. 

Plans start from free and you just need and email to create an account. 

Start you MicDropp journey at

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