Recording University Lectures & Seminars

Did you know there are 600 million university students studying at any one time across the globe? That is a staggering statistic.

University is one of the most important chapters in your life, giving you the opportunity to learn, grow and gain the qualifications which will help you capture your perfect career.

At Uni, lectures are one of the most common methods teachers and professors use to help impart important information. Students are typically part of an audience in an auditorium, expected to take handwritten or typed notes throughout a presentation. Well, that was the case until the Covid-19 pandemic diverted most physical ‘in-person’ teaching to virtual online sessions. 

As of December 2020 more than 80% of worldwide college and university lessons are now carried out in virtual classrooms and theatres. 

This seismic change with how students are educated may even be here for good, especially if you follow the guidelines in the article from the University Times, who suggest groups of over 100 should remain online. 

Read the University Times full article here.

Whether it’s a physical or virtual world, at MicDropp we believe our application can aide teachers, professors and students by providing a unique audio recording solution for lectures and seminars.

MicDropp is a clever, scalable and simple audio recording platform which connects with your Dropbox account to provide a flexible solution for recording and storing audio. It can be set up and ready to capture your next session in seconds.

It was developed in the midst of the pandemic as a solution for worldwide audio recording and as a sister platform to Camflare. It even has a script prompter giving you the ability to record notes and scripts you have created - without moving out of the app.

Another great feature of MicDropp is the flexibility when recording. Lectures can be recorded in 3 different ways -  Chrome browser, iOS or an Android device. Our mobile apps even have a light/dark mode, which is strangely satisfying to switch. (This can be accessed by tapping the icon in the top left corner of the app homepage.)

We have noticed a fast growing number of students and lecturers using MicDropp. Here’s an example of how they are setting yup and recording.

The Set Up

  • Sign up to MicDropp Professional or Professional Plus
  • Attach Dropbox (if you require a free 2gb plan, then click here)
  • Create various sessions for different tutors, subjects or dates
  • Choose ’Low’ quality (still great quality, but able to store much more)
  • Tick Auto Upload (instantly upload on stopping the session)
  • Save the session and send the session codes via email
  • Set up done!


  • Record using the MicDropp mobile app
  • Switch off mobile calling / Do Not Disturb
  • Switch to dark mode
  • Enter the session code
  • Place the device next the speaker for the virtual session, or on a desk when in-person
  • Press the big red record button and wait for it to pulse - stop when finished
  • Wait for the upload back to MicDropp
  • Recording / Upload done!

Once the file has winged it way back to MicDropp, it can be accessed via your admin panel under ‘Recordings’, in your Dropbox account and on any synced Dropbox app.

You can also share the file with anyone, even if they don’t have a MicDropp account, just by clicking the share button.

As you can see, integrating MicDropp into your plan for university life is simple and essential. It’s also a fantastic tool for universities themselves, giving a cost effective solution to offer all students a way to access recorded content.

If you are reading this from a university board/management team and want to enquire about an enterprise plan, please contact us here.

If you’re a student, sign up for a free account here - you can upgrade anytime.

MicDropp iOS: Download Here
MicDropp Google Play: Download Here

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